Work: 1 Spores


Audio/visual installation and series of photographs to accompany electronic music EP, 'SPORES' which is available here:

This work takes it's inspiration from a news story about a town in Suffolk, UK, that rejected a 'fake tree' phone mast calling it a blot on the landscape and suggesting it could pose a health risk. The 17 metre high antenna (known as Macrocell SUF0191) is imagined as a semi-autononmous organism which gains artificial intelligence, then self-propogates, sending spores into the atmosphere.

Spores projected postcard, audio/visual installation at AVA Gallery, London.

"Greenleaf explores such themes as AI, man-made lifeforms, artificial landscape and GM crops. Spores succeeds in being at once ironic/detached and serious/engaged, postmodern art work and polemical socio-cultural comment." - Igloo Magazine