Work: 7 Optimism Revisited


Whilst working on a project in Margate throughout 2012 Paul Greenleaf was inspired to develop this series of work depicting idealised skies. The British painter JMW Turner spent many years there and famously once described the skies as ‘… the loveliest in all Europe’.

This work deals with ideas of hope and positive thinking, it features new compositions derived from old postcards and a series of new photographs. In each piece the skies have been manipulated to appear almost uncannily blue and flawless. Intended as a relief to grey reality they present a fiction that implies a favourable future whilst simultaneously suggesting themes of nostalgia and memory.

The skies in the postcards never truly existed and perhaps neither did the mood they encompass but in these pictures both can be revisited.

Limited edition prints and artist book. Exhibition prints were designed to fade gradually when subjected to natural sunlight emphasising the fragile nature of these thoughts.

Optimism Revisited exhibited outside Tower Hamlets police stations as part of Photomonth 2012.