Work: 7 R.275 Modern House


In 2008 Paul Greenleaf wandered into a toy shop and bought the model kit ‘R.275 Modern House’. The instructions inside provided a clue that it was based on a house in Margate built in 1971.

When looking for an ideal example of ‘modern’ housing to epitomise life in towns and cities in the late 20th century, Hornby Railways chose this building to base their model kit on. The 'Semi' is often derided as a symbol of urban standardisation and uniformity. With a view to exploring these stereotypes Greenleaf set out to find and examine the building.

The venture was documented through a series of photographs including still life parts of the model, Google streetview, exteriors. interiors and surfaces of the building. Themes of prefabrication, the 'readymade', repetition and mechanical reproduction run throughout the work. Each picture contributes to a visual archive and is given a reference number, becoming a 'kit of parts' itself with which to describe contemporary suburban life.

R.275 Modern House, Instruction Manual - artist publication available. Click here for more information.

Several electronic music tracks inspired by themes within the project are being released throughout 2014. For more information visit